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Member Spotlight- Holly Hanzel of Hanzel Holistic Fitness 

Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber: Tell us about Hanzel Holistic Fitness?

Holly Hanzel, Owner: I opened Hanzel Holistic Fitness Studio in November of 2020.  I needed a clean and safe workout environment for my clients to feel at ease.  I graduated from the University of Boulder with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Phi Beta Kappa honors and spent the first 10 years of my career teaching in Boulder.  I have been working in the fitness industry for over 19 years.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  I have trained in two year-long, 450-hour premium Pilates Schools: Polestar Pilates and The Pilates Coach.  I offer a unique level of service due to my combination of expertise in exercise science, nutrition, and Pilates.  I use a myriad of techniques and exercises which are customized and devoted to my clients' individual needs to improve overall health, fitness, and wellbeing.  I have spent years applying the research from my education to enhance the quality of health for my clients.  I offer 1:1 personal training, duets, and small group training.  Due to my background in cycling and skiing, I have helped many clients train for athletic events such as bike races, ski races and helicopter ski trips.  I have also developed the Hanzel Holistic Cycling Recovery Program to combat the extreme imbalances of the sport.  My equipment ranges from the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Ped o’ Pole, Pilates Chair, free weights and miscellaneous items such as stability balls, foam rollers and bands.  I am not limited to the Midwest.  I offer in person training as well as virtual training, which I have been doing since 2013 when I moved to IL.  I currently have clients in 5 states.  I use many techniques to increase clients' agility, athletic performance, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.  I give my clients a roadmap to healthy eating habits that support ideal health, wellness, and ideal weight.  In conclusion, I have the necessary credentials and the years of experience to teach you how to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!  For more information, please visit my website:

LF/LB: What is the one thing you want people to know about Hanzel Holistic Fitness?

HH: Our workouts are FUN! We are always laughing and telling stories during workouts and turning negatives into positives. I have clients that range in age from 13 to 90.

LF/LB: What was your inspiration to embark on a career in fitness?

HH: When I was living in Colorado, I became an avid cyclist and extreme skier. I quickly realized that the fitness industry isn’t regulated, and I became interested in learning how to offer a safer option for people that includes a personalized fitness approach with nutrition plans.

LF/LB: What is your vision for Hanzel Holistic Fitness?

HH:  My goal is to grow virtually with videos offered via a membership website. I want to be able to help lots of people work out safely, eat healthy and reduce their risk of disease; both mental and physical.