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Chamber Member Testimonials

See what Chamber Members have to say about their membership:


"The Chamber is always there when you need them. They helped spread news of our ever-changing daily specials throughout the community, which really helped us build our take-out business."
–Joe Knesely, Chief’s Pub



“I am so thankful for the Chamber's guidance and support during Covid last year. They were the first to keep us updated with Illinois guidelines from the Governor and also how to seek out assistance for loans and grants.  In addition, they were always willing to help promote local businesses during the year by including us in their social media.  Always a great job!”
--Eleanor R. Thorn – Owner, Lake Forest  Book Store



“The LF/LB Chamber does an excellent job communicating with the members, engaging on a continual basis, offering supportive thoughts, and working through ideas for special events. They are a constant support for our local businesses and honestly work on our behalf throughout the year!”--John des Rosiers
Chef / Proprietor, Inovasi; The Otherdoor; jdR Wine & Beer; Bonk; Everett Farms; The Station




“As a professional photographer and neighbor, the Chamber has provided a consistent sense of community and camaraderie. The Chamber has also given me many unique professional photography opportunities, with friendly and productive feedback from the members.”

--Michael Delott,  Michael Delott Photography and Headshots



“It has been a delight, even through the pandemic, to work with the Chamber team. Their creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience are unmatched. They have been a constant reminder of the benefits of our organizations working together.
--Carol Summerfield, History Center of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff



“The LF/LB Chamber of Commerce is our cherished partner, our fiercest advocate and our loyal cheerleader.  From sharing much needed information to gathering our community together, the Chamber unifies, inspires and leads.  They are the perfect combination of guidepost for our community and lighthouse in a storm.  Always a welcome voice of creativity and sound business advice.” 
-- Matt Barba, Former Innkeeper – The Deer Path Inn



“LifeWorking Coworking has been a proud member of the LF/LB Chamber for over 4 years. As a local small business, we appreciate the continued support given by and in partnership with the Chamber – education opportunities, networking events and, especially, the small business resources put in place during the challenging times over the past year. As we expand our presence in Lake County, we look forward to the next chapter of this great partnership.”

--Steve Whittington, LifeWorking Coworking


“Before I got involved with the Chamber of Commerce, I got to a point where traffic at my store had really started to slow down.  I was only relying on older styles of advertising and just didn't know where to turn next.  Once I joined, and started getting involved and going to different events, I met so many people who helped me figure new ways to connect with people.  Just a few short years later, I am as busy as ever and feel more connected to this great community!”

--Shaun Carter, Britt Carter Interiors


“This past year has been quite extraordinary, to say the least. Through the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber’s weekly Homework meeting, I have been able to connect with local business owners and discuss relevant topics. Having the opportunity to share with fellow members why doing business this past year is so challenging was very helpful as we were able to brainstorm and strategize together as well as encourage each other.”

--Lexie Markarian, Street Level Studio



“The Chamber has been great and has helped promote and spread the word about our business thru initiatives like EAT SHOP PLAY and SHOP LOCAL. Also, we love in the Chamber Checks program that keeps dollars in our local communities.”

– Lisa Pasquesi, Pasquesi Home & Gardens